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Livro:04PoBo0029… - Editora: Panther (190 páginas - x cm)

andrewthurius - /1978 - - A diamond robbery. An accidental death at a London Tube station. And the murder of a beautiful woman in a remote country mansion. Who or what is the connection? Is it the foreigner who claimed to be a doctor and then disappeared? The one the papers called The Man in the Brow Suit? Only Anne Beddingfeld, who discovered that strange scrap of paper smelling of moth-balls, believes she can solve the mystery. And her investigation takes her on a danger-fraught ocean voyage to Africa where the real intrigue and adventure begins.  


   R$ 5,00 


Livro:04PoBo0021… - Editora: Fontana (222 páginas - x cm)

andrewthurius - /1980 - - Mrs. Ferrars poisoned her husband... But no one suspected her except her blackmailer... until she committed suicide, leaving a letter to the man she love. Roger Ackroyd never finished reading it... For the blackmailer had turned to a new crime, murder. And no one suspected him either... no one but Hercule Poirot.  


   R$ 6,00 


Livro:04PoBo0020… - Editora: Fontana (160 páginas - x cm)

andrewthurius - /1980 - - Into the valley of death... Ahead, between the towering red cliffs of Petra, Sarah saw cluster of tents and above them caves, hollowed out of the red rocks. She stared up at one of these which held a sitting figure. An idol? A gigantic squatting image? Her heart gave a sudden lurch of recognition... Gone, now, was the feeling of peace - of escape. Looming above her like an arch priestess of some forgotten cult, like a monstrous swollen female Buddha, was the figure of Mrs Boynton.  


   R$ 5,00 


Livro:04PoBo0016… - Editora: Pan (256 páginas - x cm)

andrewthurius - /1982 - - Hercule Poirot and his clasical namesake had more than a little in common. Both the brilliant detective and the mythical hero had rid the world of numerous pests to the substantial benefit of society. Before he retires, Poirot takes on twelve more cases, ranging from the affair of the Nemean Lion to the capture of Cerberus literally from Hell. Twelve cases carefully selected for their marked resemblance to... The Labours of Hercules.  


   R$ 6,00 


Livro:01Litr0159… - Editora: Circulo do Livro (228 páginas - 21 x 12.5cm)

andrewthurius - /- - - (...) Tão traduzida quanto Shakespeare, oitenta e sete livros, quatrocentos milhões de exemplares vendidos, a Rainha do Crime pretendia ser lembrada daqui a cem anos: "Gostaria que dissessem que fui uma boa escritora de histórias de detetives".  


   R$ 7,00 




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